Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stimulus Bill at Work

Last night I walked back to my hotel from dinner in Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina past an impromptu construction site where a crew was working on a smallish hole in the street. It wasn't clear whether they'd made the hole to repair something or were addressing one of the sinkholes that have been plaguing regional roads lately as a result of winter precipitation. (I've picked  up an out-sized awareness of this threat from watching the local TV news in my hotel room.)

Anyway, there were at least 5 trucks parked along the street, a backhoe and dump truck and 3 pick-up trucks. All of them idling and flashing their yellow lights. In the front truck, the two boss dudes where chatting away like neighbors.

Back at the hole, there was one man digging up a storm with a shovel while 7 (seven!) others stood around peering over each others' shoulders to supervise the digging.

Now that it's tax season, I'm wondering what I've been paying for all year.

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