Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Orbit Gum Flavor Explosion

That's Orbit's new 'Pina Colada' (l) and Citrus Mint (r), discovered at Wawa this weekend while driving from Philadelphia to Sag Harbor. Since then I've bought more packs of gum this week than the average for the upper quintile of teenage girl gum-chewers. (A shot from the hip, that, and not true statistical fact. But it sounds true. Seems that teenage girls always had gum on them. Not that that prevented them from splitting pieces to share. Too bad you can't do the same with smokes.)

Thanks to Wawa's ever-prescient placement above the coffee condiment bar (where you start thinking about two things: 1. the pending enjoyment of your hazelnut cream-laced Brazilian world brew; and 2.the consequences of such caffeinated indiscretion - bad breath.) I've been a fan of Orbit for a while now, judging it to be the longest-lasting and of the juiciest taste across the familiar line of evocative mint varieties (pepper, spear, winter...). 

This isn't meant to be a critique of the work week I had in front of me, but I was more excited than I should have been to see the new line of Orbit flavors augmenting the staid old mint and cinnamon parade common to sugarless gum. The variety and boldness borders on the ridiculous from the above, Pina Colada, to Maui Melon and some energizing blends involving acai, pomegranate. More on the naughty side, there's Sangria and something flirtatious called 'Fruitini.' Now that we've breached the barrier of alcohol flavored gums, I'm anticipating upper and hallucinogen line-extensions next quarter. 

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