Saturday, February 6, 2010


The much ballyhooed storm of this weekend panned out big time. The snow started last night around 8pm and by 10 it was coming down like bananas, and drunk knuckleheads on Market street between 2nd and 3rd were ambushing cabs with snowballs.

We woke up with at least 2 feet of snow on the ground, high winds and more snow coming down. I went outside to dig out our cars and the drifts were at least knee deep on a tallish dude. It transformed Old City and Philadelphia in general. The streets were deserted so we walked around with the dog, went to Reading Terminal and enjoyed the complete absence of crowds and the rare environmental ambiance.

Presented below, for perusal at your leisure, is a collection of original photography that feebly attempts to capture the rare, ephemeral beauty of Philadelphia after an enormous snow storm.
Parking lot from my porch. Cars caked in snow.

3rd Street, Old City, devoid of cars per Philly's original design.

Old City Coffee, the only local establishment bold enough to be open.

Dude on the corner, snow on the civic accoutrement.

Nobody's riding these bikes anywhere.

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