Friday, February 26, 2010

My New Obsession: Live From Daryl's House

Thanks to the hegemonic campaign of cultural oppression carried out by my parents (and yours too if you count the Boomers as your immediate predecessors) I have an asynchronous fondness for all things before my time and that totally includes Hall and Oates. Recently having moved to Philadelphia has only accelerated my appreciation for the '80s, and perhaps all of recorded history's greatest blue-eyed soul duo. The fact that they met at Temple University while my father-in-law was wrapping up his residency there somehow entwines our destinies. Like it or not, I feel close to Hall and Oates in a spiritual way.

So, of course I'm obsessively digging Please enjoy at your leisure as Daryl hosts artists of all shape and size at his home in upstate New York for transcendent jam sessions interspersed with candid segments where Daryl schools his guests on topics ranging from 1980s recording techniques and music journalism to home restoration, indoor pools, and the merits of New York state chardonnays (as opposed to that swill they make in California).

Since it's Friday, and I want to slide all funky-style into my weekend, I'm watching Episode 10, featuring Chromeo and it's completely awesome with new and exciting versions of classic Hall and Oates tunes, as well as a few Chromeo joints. The closing 'No Can Do' number is sensational.

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