Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rosie's Cracker Barrel

If you read closely, I'll occassionally leave you with life-altering advice. Without dropping a more obvious prelude that I feel strongly about what I'm about to say, here's another point of emphasis: next time you're in Carmel go taste wine at Rosie's Cracker Barrel, which is located about 11 miles up Carmel Valley Road off of Highway 1 west of Carmel-by-the-Sea. 

You'll probably meet Kiki and her completely blind dog and have an awesome time tasting wines from off the beaten path while learning about supernatural plant fertizilier and the ins and outs (mostly) of the music industry in LA. 

The wine's were great too, and not that stuff you'd just casually bump into, but local gems from local winemakers, probably small production, thought I haven't done the research yet. I particularly enjoyed the Otter Cove Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir from Richard Oh which was amazing. At the end of the tasting, we committed financially and had our wine binge broken by a refreshing pilsner served in a mini pint glass. This I found so amusing, which may also have been the residual effects of my tasting on an empty stomach buzz, that I took a picture with the idea of recording what it would feel like to take down a regular pint if you were a 36 foot tall giant. 

Rosie's is currently being rebuilt, but the authenticty and the funk are still there in what has been the most low-key and intimate wine-tasting experience I've had in California. You should doubt my authority of course, but try Rosie's anyway just on the off chance I could be right.

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