Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Big Trees

Two weekends ago I did something I'd meant to do since that freshman-year religion class where we read the Celestine Prophecy and got all metaphysical on the spiritual potency of old growth forests. 

Yeah. So I found the next-to-nearest grove* of redwood trees to San Francisco, Armstrong Grove, in the Russian River Valley, and went there by myself to see about things, the Universe and interconnectedness, feeling part of something.

I took the East Ridge Trail and was generall satisifed with the solitude. It's not exactly tourist season in California, but I still had to jog on a few occasions to beat a group of people I heard behind me. 

Once off the East Ridge, I dropped back into the main valley, where the big trees are and found the highlight 'Colonel Armstrong' tree. It's tall and thick and old and impressive. Sure to satisfy your redwood jones.

*The closest is Muir Woods and if you think you're going to find solace and spirtual oneness there, you must be prepared to do so with the ass end of a European tourist peaking out at you from the spandex waistband of his soccer warmups.

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