Monday, April 19, 2010

How to Fix Healthcare: Robot Doctors

The new Star Wars films are pretty ridiculously bad movies, but they continue an important vein of thought from the original films that is especially relevant considering the direction we're headed as a socialized country: robot doctors.

In the screen capture above, a floating robot doctor explains to Obi Wan Kenobi that Princess Amidala is medically healthy but dying of a broken heart. It's a dramatic moment. You may remember from The Empire Strikes Back the closing scenes where a less-advanced bi-pedal robot doctor fixes Luke Skywalker up with a spiffy bionic hand.

The point remains the same: robot doctors.

Now, when I see those Coke Zero ads asking scientists where's all the futuristic shit they promised us back in the '50s, like flying cars, time machines and clones, I think, why not add robot doctors to that list? Sure the R&D expenditures would be heavy up front, but once the design is perfected it would be all profitable gravy on the back end. I bet when you compared it with the collective numbers it takes to get everyone through med school it starts looking a little better. Robot doctors don't need living expenses and wouldn't bitch and get tired during ridiculous residency hours, plus they're really good listeners.

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