Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hey Big Ben, Where's the Beef?

The chips are starting to fall for the NFL's pre-eminent jackass, Ben Roethlisberger, who certainly seems capable of the churlish crimes he's been alleged of committing. Watching this guy win multiple Super Bowls has been a little aggravating, even as a fan with no particular beef against the Steelers (though I have some remnant Northwest sympathies for the Seahawks, who got jobbed in '06, jobbed I tell you!), because Ben Roethlisberger seems like such a stereotypical jock dickhead. And nobody really wants to see those guys win.

So, while hating to admit I'm prone to such pettiness, it's been awesome watching this clownshoes get shredded in the media after his rape case got dropped. (Watching the DA in Georgia make that announcement on ESPN, I could feel his pain that the evidence didn't make enough of a case. We all wanted it for you buddy!)

But Ben's still getting his comeuppance.

What a perfect storm of embarrassment. Starting with the timing of the textbook douchebag haircut to the public upbraiding by NFL founding father Terry Bradshaw and moving right down to the loss of his one major sponshorship deal - PLB, a Pittsburgh food product marketing company , and former geniuses behind 'Big Ben's Beef Jerky', the coincidence of abandonment has confirmed what I've suspected for some time - nobody but Ben Roethlisberger takes Ben Roethlisberger seriously. Good luck with the civil suit a**hole.

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