Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Who is Leroy Smith?

Leroy Smith was suddenly everywhere on the Internet today, looking a lot like Charlie Murphy and taking credt for Michael Jordan's greatness. While the question in the title stands, the better question maybe, who is behind Leroy Smith?

It's clear whomever it may be, is going for the viral angle and while I'm suspicious of anyone with that intent, I will play right into their trap because I think this is so well done.

The site is full of ridiculous content from kung fu inspired training videos to a simple, but addictive two on two basketball game, in which Leroy and his partner Manny proceeded to kick my ass without remorse using stifling D and a ridiculous barrage of high-flying dunks.
As brand experiences go, this one is engaging. But still puzzling. Who's behind it and what ultimately are they selling? With mystery as the hook, they're already doing better than Gatorade's 'G' campaign.

With Michael Jordan's implicit involvement and Gatorade's surprise viral campaign already out of the bag, it seems like Leroy Smith may be the new virtual pitch man of Nike.


  1. Thats Charlie Murphy for sure, you might be right on the Nike campaign.

  2. That charlie murphy jackass.. and its not a pitch for anything. Its just a campign going toward recognition that Micheal Jordan is being inducted into the Hall of Fame.