Friday, June 5, 2009

Post-Industrial Economy Occupational Hazard #1

Here Jeff displays the badly bruised tip of his right index finger to warn the blogosphere about the greatest lurking danger out there for those of us whose work demands frequent typing and clicking -- microphone stands.

While breaking down after blowing the doors off of band practice last night, Jeff's mic stand suddenly telescoped itself into a closed position, squishing the delicate, nerve-laden flesh of the pad of his right index finger like a grape.

While the initial pain was overwhelming, the worst part may be yet to come, as Jeff's day-job demands frequent involvement of the index-finger at speed and accuracy in every keyboard stroke and mouse click. Furthermore, his employer cares not and will aware no paid-time for Jeff to lick his wounds, for the circumstance that led to the one injury that compromises his ability to do his job occurred outside the work place.

So take a lesson from Jeff, if you can't take workers' comp for injuries incurred with the band, and avoid mic stands at all costs. Otherwise the mistakes you make after hours may just haunt your workdays.

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