Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Fun - David Lee Roth Sound Board

I found the 'David Lee Roth Runnin With the Devil Soundboard' enormously distracting. For extra fun, try mixing up your own Lee Roth scat segments, or click wantonly in rapid succession to achieve the effect of 'an Army of David Lee Roths screaming nonsense at you.'

It sounds like they stripped the vocals right out of the masters of the song. It's amazing how different (and not necessarily good) David Lee Roth sounds without Van Halen backing him up. Second, these are most of the 'lyrics' from 'Running with the Devil.' I didn't realize what a deep song it truly is.

For juxtaposition, here's the offical version of the song. Play it with the sounboard open in a separate window and you can seamlessly improvize over the song adding your own DLR wails, screams and grunts. If you do it right you can multiple the DLR factor of the song by at least 2x for a truly mind-blowing effect.


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