Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Hampshire, No Longer the Windiest

Uh, I think we're gonna need a new sign. (Not that it was exactly accurate anyway, was the wind really recorded in the building?)

I have some good history with New Hampshire and heartily endorse the gritty spirit that produced the most awesome state motto of all: Live Free or Die. So it saddens me to see the Granite State lose another of it's iconic claims to fame (having first lost the Old Man of the Mountain in 2003) now that Mount Washington is no longer Earth's windiest place.

Leave it to the Australians and their criminal tendencies to steal the record. Yep, Australia's Barrow Island recored a 253 mph gust during Cyclone Olivia back in 1996. Weird that it took that long for the data to emerge, but you can imagine the scale of that data-analysis problem if each puff of gust recorded anywhere around the world must be examined.

Anyway, I still love you New Hampshire. You'll always be windiest in my book.

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