Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Avatar Blues

CNN's hosting an article about 'Avatar Blues' - a pop culture fringe movement of people with feelings of longing, nostalgia and depression for their inability to experience first hand the fictional world of 'Pandora' as depicted in the film Avatar. In extreme cases, some nerds are reporting suicidal tendencies.

I'm told you can't invalidate peoples feelings, or whatever, but come on. What a bunch of sad sacks this group must be.

What CNN missed, and something infinitely more encouraging, is this man in the picture of the audience at Avatar who has clearly optimized the art of movie-going by treating himself to his own large pizza. Amidst the most breathtaking 3D cinema experience ever offered, this guy has discovered the 4th Dimension that takes it to the next level.  I've heard of smuggling in your own cokes, Junior Mints or even popcorn, but this is an altogether new class of slight of hand combined with extreme American gluttony.

 But once more it supports the broader, lurking point about the hollowness of consumerism. We're all trying to fill in something missing in our souls - is pizza and Pandora escapism the way to do it?  Is Avatar Pizza Man one of the Avatar Depressives? Does he hate himself because he eats, or does he eat because he hates himself?