Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Week's Gripes on Fantasy Football

Way back in early September during my Fantasy League draft, as things were going well and I picked up Drew Brees, I got real long on the Saints picking up Marques Colston, and their D, in addition to Brees. This has mostly worked out, paving the way to a 3-1 start in my league. But, I realized I needed a plan for Week 5 (today) when the Saints don't play.

So, cleverly I looked for the QB playing the Raiders in week 5 and got Eli Manning. He's playing great, but then the dude got Plantar Fascitis which put the week in doubt, but then he played and the Giants did so well that he was out for most of the second half while crappy David Carr completely ignored the Giants receivers on my roster (whom I also needed to fill the Saints gap this week.)

Then, Ben told me to play Jerome Harrison and Fred Jackson, both of whom sucked royally in the royal suckfest that was the Browns beating the Bills in a field-goal duel 6-3.

So I breezed from all-league scoring leader last week, to cellar dweller posting the league's puniest point total in Week 5 and my confidence is shot. This was the trap week for my team, and I've got to move on but I didn't want to drop it this miserably.

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