Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Most Wondeful Time of the Year

Geeze, I looked down for a smoke and a pancake and when I started paying attention again it was September. Here's an incomplete, annotated bullet-point list documenting my reasons for being really thrilled about this Fall:

-the end of East Coast-muggy hot weather
-Indian Summer
-looking good in my liberty-red capertons during the pending and glorious Fightin' Phils post-season run
-College Football in general
-Boise State Football, in particular, kicking off tonight against Oregon at 10:15 PM EST on ESPN, which means a lot of things, I'll be up late tonight, and I could be devastated or elated tomorrow morning based on the outcome, essentially being a single-game rite of passage for BSU's BCS aspirations.
-NFL Football in general
-Fantasty Football, in particular, my team 'Dickhead Banana' of the GFL led by Drew Brees.
-the return of my faithful sweater collection
-forgetting the compulsion to put lime wedges in my beers.
-chicken wings on the reg.
-Pearl Jam at the Spectrum on Halloween
-birthday parties: mine, my brother's, my nephew's, my niece's
-b-school lite at Wharton
-Thanksgiving Tropicalia in the DR

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