Friday, April 3, 2009

Syzmo - Organic Energy Drink Meets Natural Male Enhancement?

When I saw it in the drink fridge at work the other day, I immediately had visions of having to skip team meetings and ride it out Junior High style with my legs clamped together, safely out of view under my desk. And I thought, it has come to this, hasn't it, a day when energy drinks and natural male enhancement meet in swillably cool, organic blue agave.

I suppose it was inevitable. That I'd sample a Syzmo and report to my buddies that, yes it was good, a little more mellow on the palate than Rock Star or Red Bull, lighter and more refreshing with less of the cold medicinal quaff that some find so objectionable in the leading brands. BUT, I couldn't put my pants back on til 8 o'clock the next morning.

Alas, we aren't yet so evolved. While Syzmo delivers in taste and caffeination, it fails in the promise implied in the name. There is no 'mo syz,' just another energy drink.

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