Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Panormous Returns!

This much is clear: the people want Panormous.

Blogging is funny stuff, or rather, search engine traffic is funny stuff. Back in December when Pizza Hut made the old new again and launched 'Panormous,' I sampled a bit and blogged on the results in my post triumphantly entitled 'Panormous!'

My blogging's my own business, so it was never my intention, but I attained the Holy Grail of Search Engine Optimization (SEO): the coveted #1 organic ranking on Google for the term 'panormous.'

And my traffic went bananas:

Now, a few months later the value-proposition of Panormous (an enormous amount of dough for a modest amount of dough) remains undiminished and Pizza Hut relaunches the product, my Blog celebrates, reinvigorated with new spikes of traffic.

In web-marketing circles this is something of a coup, a resume builder, a feather in the SEO cap. If only I could recreate this kind of result on a useful keyword, it might not be a fluke and I'd be in business. I could probably cash in on the mere fact that I did it once and the promise of doing it again is worth plenty to the web's legions of arbitrage-minded carpetbaggers.

You've probably realized already that I don't actually sell Panormous or stand much to gain from the preponderance of panormous knowledge seekers hitting up my blog. Yet Google's algorithm, in it's determination of what's important to know in the world, sees my blog as a better resource on Panormous than Pizza Hut itself. In this day and age of omnipresent PR and finely controlled messaging and presentation, maybe Google's seeing through it. Maybe they're right because my stuff isn't marketing, but truth. The real word on Panormous.

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  1. How insightful. And I love your Analytics expertise to track all this. LOL!