Monday, October 13, 2008

Tom Petty at Outside Lands, San Francisco

In an abstract way...
Tom is the twin golden apparition shimmering to the right and left of the blue stage light explosion. (Well, that's not exactly him, but the dual-jumbo tron digital recreations of Tom, he's actually the smallish orange blur below the stage lights.)

I've been meaning to post more of my stellar, camera-phone art, but the exchange of media from phone to email to computer desktop back to blogger means two things: 1.) I'm not as space-aged as I think am (some kids beam these directly from cellphone to blog); and 2.) most of the time something gets lost in the process.

Anyway, this was a fun show. You have to appreciate a musician who's past the pretension of wanting to convey a deep message or needing to always push people with new material. All Tom Petty did was play every hit song he ever had to an appreciative crowd that sang every lyric from heart.

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