Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Civic Duty, Done!

I am happy to report that I've done the bare minimum of civic duty such that buys me the right to at least four more years of complaining. I connected the arrows to Obama/Biden, among a host of other local elections, propositions and initiatives.

Perhaps my favorite though was California's Proposition R, to rename the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant to the 'George W. Bush Sewage Plant,' in honor of the worst presidency since Buchanan let the Civil War happen.

The Huffington Post got wind of this important movement back in April when it was a glimmer in the eye of a bunch of hippies running around Dolores Park gathering the required 10,000 signatures to get this on the ballot.

Well, they succeeded, and after the federal election, it was the easiest vote I submitted.

10/29 Addendum - Embedding the YouTube video from the posts claiming to the official campaign as for California Proposition R. 

Uh. Heady?