Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Was Very Late to the Party of Barack-Pun Mayhem

Though I maintain I arrived at this thought independently, I was not the first to imagine that Barack's period of prominence in the American public eye would be defined by a near limitless array of Barack and Obama puns.

In fact, I'm so late to the party that I might not even be considered an early adopter. To wit, Slate, in a follow up article 'Obomedy', has apparently been covering said poltico-linguistic phenomenon since February, even going so far as to assemble a compendium of 'obamaism's in their cleverly titled 'Encyclopedia Baracktannica.'

Sadly, while I attributed an earth-shattering degree of novelty and importance to this concept, when it independently occurred to me, Slate's high-minded cultural mavens dump it in their 'Low Concept' category with other 'dubious and far-fetched' ideas.

In other news about ships I let sail, I hemmed and hawwed over Wells Fargo stock at $20 a share last week. When will I grow some balls?

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