Wednesday, July 16, 2008

'Barackracy' - Another Term I Didn't Coin

I was thinking the other day that if the Republican fears are realized and Barack ultimately sets up this clumsy, socialist safety net of a government we could start calling it the 'barackracy.' Naturally high on my own notions and agreeing (with myself) that I either invent or independently arrive at most good ideas, I decided to see if this (finally) would be my million dollar idea.

So how to get rich on this idea? Given that we've got a 50/50 chance of Obama winning the next election, I reasoned that it might be a fine domain name for a political blog or satire site of some kind. Certainly clever, possibly intuitive enough to get incidental free web traffic and monetize it with advertising! Yes.....

We're onto something right?


Of course, like most of my million dollar ideas to date, this is one I arrived at independently and some clever carpetbagger with a URL-registration business already got there. Two years ago it turns out.

Assholes 'Domains By Proxy, Inc.' Maybe his fortune is the product of a disciplined mind (if only I could think of such things on demand)!

No other website shits on my dreams quite as hard or often as

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