Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yes, Palau! That's the 'PA' I Meant.

Computers think they're so fucking smart.

Well, how about settling this little quibble. I've been to Palau. It's nowhere close to Pennsylvania in terms of geography or economic importance. It hasn't even been a Minor Outlying US Territory since 1994, so how about kicking it off the US State drop down menu ( courtesy of of all people) and doing the 13 million of us living in Pennsylvania and regularly filling out our fields with 'PA' a favor?

No offense meant to Palau, tiny, awesome semi-autonomous island nation of 20,000 betelnut-chewing badasses. Your scuba diving, Chinese brothels and jungles filled with rusting brigades of tiny, WW2-era Japanese tanks, rock the party that rocks the body.

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