Friday, November 13, 2009

Scored a Masterpiece on the Way to Work

Whippin' our way up and down Lincoln Drive this week to and from work, Ben and I noticed this painting on the front porch of the yellow house (police station?) at the corner of Gypsy Lane. After seeing it both Wednesday and Thursday while the remnants of Tropical Depression Ida drenched the region, we resolved to nick it in the morning if it was still unclaimed, citing the age-old and Constitutionally sound principle of 'finders keepers.'

This morning, the painting was there and we scored our masterpiece in a bit of a roadside snatch and run. Now, with its daring mixed Hellenistic/Flemish school approach and relevant mix of Classical Western and Eastern cultural themes this 2' x 3.5' painting has turned the visual volume in our office all the way up to 11.

Let the bidding begin at $1 million.

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