Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yes, but what about WolframOmega?

My instincts as a carpet bagger are decent (B/B-). I have the sense to accurately detect minimal-effort get-rich-quick schemes when they cross my path, but I'm a little slow on the uptake when compared to the real professionals like GoDaddy.com.

I was thinking, hey, WolframAlpha's kind of a big deal. But why even start there when you can take it straight out of the can to the ultimate of WolframOmega?

As usual, I was beat out by the more sophisticated carpet baggers, as a direct navigation to www.wolframomega.com revealed GoDaddy's Domain Name Search tool/automatic URL registration system had already been there and done that as far as parking the domain and slapping some ads on it.

So, to you other B/B- carpetbaggers out there, who've time and again let GoDaddy capitalize on your carelessness, don't search here unless you want GoDaddy to steal your best bad ideas.

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