Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some Hairy Shit Out of Idaho

Being an Idahoan who's waded into the more populated pools of the world has its peculiar set of challenges, not least of which is dealing with my native turf's notoriety. Increasingly this tends to fending off embarassing news that wafts up fart-like to the national consciousness and generally for having to do with the 'sticksiness' of the place, both in terms of it's backwards political stars (Helen Chenoweth, Larry Craig, Sarah 'Go Vandals!' Palin) and the assorted wilderness-based 'news of the weird' (forest fires hotter than the sun, Ruby Ridge, the completely bat-shit crazy McGuckin event) that tends to dominate both in terms of interesting goings-on and ability to captivate city folks for its essential otherness. 

Other than the reliable, golden flagpole of Boise State Football, it seems not much good news comes out of Idaho. Thanks be to Google Reader for trying, and delivering the goods on this latest bit of word from the homeland in which the Phantom Hill pack of wolves killed a mountain lion over an elk carcass. Though not bad news, per se, this is undeniably raw stuff of a distinctly different variety than we see in downtown San Francisco. Furthermore it happened right across the road from our place in Sun Valley, which I never knew was a set for the Trials of Life.

*Credit Lynne Stone for the photo.

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