Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Travel Blues

I've had a bad two week spell where dollars have just been flying out the door. Almost none of them have been going towards fun or savings, so I'm afraid to check the bank account, knowing that it won't stack up to the American Express bill, and for the time am simply hiding my head under the sand like a dumb ostrich.

Most of my money was earmarked by friends and family long before I earned it, going mainly towards mandatory travel for weddings, reunions, etc. The current count: six airplane tickets and four hotel stays paid for in the last fortnight. Not to sound glib or unappreciative (I'm glad to have family and friends) but ugh.

Worse yet, with fuel costs and bad corporate behavior by the travel industry writ large (it's not just the airlines anymore) there is a nary a deal to be had. Try finding a hotel room (one you'd actually like to stay in) in New York for less than $400 a night.

Now try finding a plane ticket for less than $500. You're fucked amigo.

When I get back home after the 4th of July, I am spending the rest of the summer hanging onto dolla dolla bills (yo), with which I'll relax in a hammock and watch grass grow for cheap entertainment. I'm not worrying about my car, or any more personal airplane travel until after the vernal equinox.

I filled up my Subaru the other day at $4.35/gallon and it cost me over $60. I read that in San Diego people are driving down old Mexico way to buy their gasoline. Pretty soon life in America will only be affordable for millionaires, won't that suck.

On the plus side, I did have goat for dinner on Sunday night. Scarcity and inflation have long been the traditional drivers of expansively adventurous diets.

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