Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Internet Knocked Me Up

Capitalism, apparently, isn't the only American trait slowly creeping into the pathos of China these days. If recent news is to be trusted, the Chinese people are also appearing to have adopted our tortish refusal to accept any personal accountability whatsoever.

See "Shanghai Teen Pregnancy Blamed on Internet."

As it is always someone else's fault for anything bad that happens in our lives here in America, why shouldn't it also be true in China that people are still nothing more than helpless, un-thinking victims of a world we can't control?

Apparently the pitfalls of this world are everywhere lurking to ruin our lives at an unlucky moment's notice and no thinking, action or common sense on anyone's part can do a damn thing about it. Teenage girls everywhere (or maybe only those of the above who also happen to be idiots) should be worried and careful to not give into the Internet's demands for unprotected sex. He will say that it just doesn't feel the same and that he really loves you and will pull out in time, but the Internet lies and is not to be trusted. You'd be better off continuing to suck face and heavy pet with those honest teenage boys and their drinks and pills.

Then again if your own actions have no bearing at all on the outcomes of your own life (as the finger-pointing is seeming to suggest) just throw your ankles back behind your ears and take on all comers, Internet, teenage boys, full-grown cads, Hell or high water.

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