Thursday, June 14, 2007

F*** the FCC

Court ruling bitch!

That's what I thought when I heard about the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejection of the FCC's policy of penalizing incidental (or 'fleeting') expletives aired on live television broadcasts was 'arbitrary and capricious' and possibly unconstitutional.

Fucking 1st Amendment bitch!

While the ruling is not outlawing the FCC's policy, it is taking the power back after the FCC instituted the policy after Bono's 2003 Golden Globe f-bomb made its past NBC's filters and into the homes of millions of Americans who had presumably never heard such a foul, stinking word and need our government to protect us from the nasty, 'inherent sexual connotation' of the word. Curiously, 'shit' was also verboten in a some baby/bathwater slight of hand for the same(?) reasons. But let's keep the ability to think critically (or control ourselves) out of our own hands and keep it where it belongs - with bureaucrats, our best and brightest.

Anyway, fair and balanced Fox of all entities went to the mats on this one and came up big for not only their own prospects of advancing sensationalism on network tv, but each and every one of us to broadcast our foul-mouthed thoughts off the cuff whenever we please with no fear of rebuke. Wait, we've go the internet for that, but hey, a victory for free speech is a victory for me and for you!

The FCC, is 'disappointed' and worried about the children, whom they permit to watch homicides a plenty in prime time, but fear will now be washed into a corrupt sea of indecency by the flood of gratuitous sex talk they anticipate to start flowing form the networks.

Fascists have always made sore losers, but ok. Maybe. But what's wrong with a little amusing cussing from America's next generation? I mean it's kind of cute when kids talk like grownups. Right? Will Farrell and Pearl certainly had us thinking so last week.

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